Stem Cells found in most multi-cellular organisms are characterized by the ability to self-renew through mitotic cell division and can differentiate into a diverse range of specialized cell types. Serving as the body’s repair system, they can divide to replenish other cells and regenerate tissue. The future holds great promise to heal the body through autologous cellular therapy and regenerative medicine.

Adult stem cells derived from adipose tissue are being investigated globally to treat and potentially cure a multitude of illnesses and diseases, repair damaged tissue and organs, regenerate wounds and to rejuvenate aged skin.


Scientific interest in Adult Stem Cells from adipose tissue (fat) is focused on their ability to transform into many different cell types. Adipose (fat) Derived Adult Stem Cells are the most abundant type of Adult Stem Cells in the body. They are readily accessible and easy to collect.

Adipose (fat) Derived Adult Stem Cells offer key advantages over Adult Stem Cells collected from other sources:

  • Fat tissue contains quantities of Adult Stem Cells that are up to 1000 times greater than that of bone marrow.
  • Fat is easy to access and economical to collect. Fat collection is a simple procedure that can be performed in your physician’s office.
  • Generally, it is minimally invasive with a short recovery period and can be extracted in conjunction with other procedures.